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    Jiangsu Nantong Liujian Construction Group Co., Ltd.[Nantong Liujian ] was founded in October 1956. It is a comprehensive construction industry group company, which is equipped with architectural engineering construction general contractor top grade and involved in construction, real estate, finance, investment, BIM technology, overseas management .

    The group is headquartered in Rugao, Jiangsu, Longevity Township of the World. Its construction scope covers building construction, mechanical and electrical installation, decoration, municipal projects, road construction, garden construction, ancient buildings and environmental engineering etc. Its market covers all provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China and over ten countries and regions such as America, Russia, Japan, UAE, Angola, Israel, Cambodia and Vietnam etc.

    It is honored with“ top 500 China Enterprises” ,“top 500 China Private Enterprises “, “ENR250 biggest international contractors and biggest global contractors”, “top 100 competitive China Construction Company”, “National Trustworthy Enterprise”, “National Outstanding Construction Enterprise”, “National Construction Enterprise of Technical Improvement and Innovation”, “National Model Home of Employees”, “Pioneer of China Labor”, “ Civilization of China Youth” and “ Jiangsu Private Enterprise Large Taxpayer” etc. The Group has gained hundreds awards such as “China Building Construction Luban Award”, “National Super Quality Award” ,“Zhantianyou Award” ,“National Customer Satisfaction Award” , “National Grade AAA Safety and Civilization Standard Sites”. It gained National Construction Methods, QC results, New Technology Example Projects, Huaxia Construction Technology Award and Patents etc.

    Nantong Liujian will implement the requirements of "Platform for Action for the Construction of 2025 in Jiangsu", put lean construction, digital construction, green construction, assembly construction in a prominent position, fully integrate the dominant resources, always adhere to the core values of "a respectable business, acclaimed partner", accelerate the transformation and upgrading, and promote the high-quality development of enterprises.

Build a hundred year enterprise  To achieve sustainable management

A large-scale integrated modern construction industry group with cross-regional and cross-border development, which is based on construction and integrates industries of finance, investment, development, operation and overseas operations





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