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Beijing headquarters

The company started our construction business in Beijing in 1995, focusing on professional contracting and subcontracting of labor services. In 2002, the construction of the general contract was realized, and Beijing was taken as the center, and the surrounding Tianjin, Inner Mongolia and Hebei markets were radiated. The project of “Beijing city bus dispatch command center", which we participated in the construction, won the "Luban prize". There have been more than 100 projects which have been awarded as "Beijing City Civilization Site", 30 projects as “Excellent Projects in Beijing”. More than 60 projects such as "Future Holiday Garden II Project" won the title of "Great Wall Cup of Structure" in Beijing, three projects won the "Grassland Cup" with the highest honor in Inner Mongolia, and one project won the title of "Haihe Cup". In 2013, the project of “Inner Mongolia Rural Credit Cooperatives Comprehensive Building 1#Building” won the National Quality Engineering Award. All the main structure of concrete labor of Water Cube, the National swimming pool, was constructed by the labor service company of our group. Still, the main structure of key labor projects of CCTV new site ( below ±0.000), the Olympic Games Olympic Sports Center and Beijing Digital Building, and other was also constructed by the labor service company of our group.
Beijing headquarters of the company has been voted "Outstanding Construction Enterprise in Beijing" for many years in succession. Moreover, our Beijing headquarters was commended "Beijing's mass economic and technological innovation projects advanced enterprises and institutions" by Beijing Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, was awarded the "Tianjin May 1 Labor Certificate of Merit" by Tianjin Federation of Trade Unions, and won the national "Youth Civilization". additionally, we were commended by Jiangsu Provincial Construction Department with the honors of "Outstanding enterprises of Jiangsu Province in Beijing,""outstanding enterprises of Jiangsu Province in Tianjin" and "excellent construction enterprises in Inner Mongolia".
Today, in the face of new opportunities and new challenges, we will, as always, fully implement the enterprise principles of “casting the best products of the times by being honesty and law-abiding, striving to be pioneers in environmental protection through civilized construction, pursuing sustainable development by complementing the people-oriented policy”. With first-class quality, speed, management, service and dedication, we will wholeheartedly work for the majority of domestic and international customers, and cooperate with colleagues at home and abroad to create a better future.
Address: No. 5 Yard, Dayhua Street, Daxing District, Beijing

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