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Shenzhen headquarters

Shenzhen headquarters was established in February 2017, composing the Guangdong Company, Guangxi company, Hainan company, Yunnan company. Founded in the 1980s in Guangdong, the company owns a total of three large brick factories supplying more than 60% of the total demand in Shenzhen. The company marched into the market of Guangxi from April 2016 and formally built a strategic cooperation with Evergrande Real Estate Group Guangxi Company as a general construction contractor. We have constructed the first phase, second, third phase of Liuzhou Hengda Royal Bay, the second phase of Liuzhou Royal Bay, the first phase of Guigang Evergrande , and the total construction area covers 863,000 ㎡.
Since the establishment of Shenzhen headquarters, we have established cooperation with Evergrande Group Guangdong Company and Country Garden. We have constructed the project of Qingyuanjiang and Bian Country Garden in Qingyuan with a building area of 100,000㎡. During the cooperation process with large-scale housing enterprises, we have also undertaken a new Yu Bund project in Kaiping County, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, and the construction area is of 130,000 square meters. In addition, we have successively built projects such as roads, bridges, foundation pits, pile foundations and workshops, achieving diversified development. While striving to open up the market, we strictly control the quality and safety of the project. We set a high standard for ourselves by providing quality and conscience projects, and offer dedicated cooperation for the vast number of units, to establish our excellent brand image. We sincerely invite you and colleagues to join hands with us to create a bright future
Address: 6/F, Xinagchhen Building, Airlines Road No.2, Bao'an District, Shenzhen

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