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Taiyuan headquarters

Taiyuan headquarters was set up in 1982, comprisingoffice, commerce department, engineering department, and finance department.
For the last thirty-six years, we have got care and support from all sectors of Shanxi Province leaders and colleagues. Based on this, the company has grown in strength and developed into a well-known construction companies in Shanxi construction enterprises industry. We have more than 15,000 construction workers, including 58 constructors and 900 economic and technical personnel, and more than 280 large and medium-sized machines. We have independent and comprehensive construction ability of taking various types of high, large, difficult engineering. The company has undertaken a number of major projects in Taiyuan, Datong, Jincheng, Shuozhou, Jinzhong, Luliang, Changzhi and other cities.
Since we entered the Shanxi market, the company completed a total construction area of over 2600 square meters, total construction output nearly 40 billion yuan. The construction project of the company enjoys high reputation, whose first pass rate reached 100%, the user's satisfaction 100%, and the construction site safety compliance rate 100%. 85% of our projects were rated as excellent. Rely on the scientific management theory, rich management experience, advanced construction technology and scientific management methods, we have set up a flash monument and made outstanding contributions to the economic construction of Shanxi Province. In 2008, we responded to the call of the Taiyuan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government and Taiyuan Urban Construction Committee, and participated in the Sichuan earthquake relief aid building. Due to this, we were awarded with the "first class collective power" by Shanxi Province Labor Competition Committee.
In recent years, the company has undertaken a number of difficult projects with tremendous influence. We met the requirements of the owners in terms of the quality, safety, and construction progress, which were highly praised by the owners and local authorities. We will, as always, work hand in hand with Shanxi colleagues to make greater contribution to the development of Shanxi so as to improve the living environment of mankind.
Address: 14th Floor, Cultural Building, Tongda Street, Xiaodian District, Taiyuan, Shanxi

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