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Chongqing headquarters

Chongqing headquarters was established in March 2004. Based on the western region, we manage southwest construction markets of our head office in Chongqing and Chengdu and so on. We are an effective assistant for head office to develop the southwest market. Over the last few years, Chongqing headquarters has crossed thousands of miles all around the region and we have created a brilliant brand by hardworking. Chongqing Sunshine Project, which was completed in 2004, took the honor of "Three Gorges Cup" with its high-quality main structure and started the Chongqing market. With the management philosophy of “surviving through honesty and developing by innovation”, Chongqing headquarters constantly upgrade new platform and extend the construction market.
Chongqing headquarters consists of three departments and one office: commerce department, engineering department, finance department, office. We have 26 constructors and associate constructors, 160 various technicians (50 of them have middle-level and above titles). We have several cranes, escorts and other large machinery and equipment, making us possessing the comprehensive construction capacity of undertaking various types of large and medium-sized projects.
Faced with the huge potential of the Southwestern market, opportunities and challenges, we will make unremitting efforts to create a new image, new ideas, a new starting point for Chongqing company. Guided by the enterprise spirit of "unity, dedication, seeking truth and innovation", we sincerely hope to work with owners and friends from all walks of life to advance with the times and cooperate with each other to build brilliant future together!
Address: Zhongye Saidi Building, North New District, Chongqing

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