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Municipal road and bridge company

Founded in March 2000, the establishment of the municipal road and bridge company is amajor trying and initiatives of the group companybased on the reason for giving full play to their own advantages in information, adjusting the industrial structure of enterprises, and adapting to the long-term development of the market economy. According to the comprehensive plan of the group company and the qualification requirements, we are mainly engaged in the construction of municipal roads, bridge tunnels, foundations, environmental remediation and underground pipe galleries. The company consists of engineering department, finance department, commerce department, office, technology center, safety management department, accounting department and subordinate entity project department.
With the strong support from all walks of life, group companies and regional companies, we have made gratifying achievements and completed a number of projects including Daqing Oilfield Co., Ltd. Ecological Park Project, Jiangbei Avenue Rapid Rehabilitation Project, Central Lake Road, Lujiang section of the project, the Lujiang Outer Ring Road project, Fu Yunxian Kalatongke Town Infrastructure Construction Water Supply and Drainage Project, Changchun City, A Water Purification Plant Renovation and Expansion of a BT project, Opening High-Speed Jiuhuagang Bridge (single span 60 meters), Tong Yang River Bridge of Yantong high-speed (main span 100 meters), Huaian Baima Lake Upstream River Regulation and Ecology Repair PPP Project. Our construction footprint covers a number of provinces and cities, expanding the market size and establishing a good social reputation.
We will, as always, adhere to the core value of “integrity and law-abiding, civilized construction, people-oriented, sustainable development” and the enterprise spirit of “unity, dedication, seeking truth, innovation”, which make our contract compliance rate 100%. With the opportunity of reform and opening up, we are committed to building a first-rate brand in the area of infrastructure construction in the company and integrating the resources of the municipal highway engineering industry.

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