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Hefei headquarters

Hefei headquarters includes two markets, Anhui and Wuxi. It was set up in 1984, comprising office, commerce department, engineering department, and finance department.
The average number of annual construction people can be 8000-10000. We have more than 200 people with all kinds of economic and technical qualifications, including 32 constructors and associate constructors. Various types of construction machinery and equipment and accessories are 35 excavating machinery, 60 shovel transport vehicles, 27 compaction machinery, 30 various types of mixing equipment, 15 engineering hoisting machinery, 15 sets of pipe-loading equipment, 3 road washing machines, 2 sets of rock drilling machines and pneumatic equipment, 45 sets of construction lifts, 28 tower cranes, 30mixers, 32 sets of prestressed steel machinery, 8 sets of concrete pump. Small equipment and precision instruments are formwork repair machine, vibrating rod, steel cutting machine, bending machine, welding equipment, surveying and mapping equipment (Total station 8) and so on.
The company is one of the earliest foreign construction enterprises to enter Wuxi market. From the initial clearance and subcontracting, we have gradually developed and earned a reputation. We have completed over one hundred constructions, and repeatedly won awards, one Yangtze Cup, 3 Pearl Lake Taihu Cup, 10 Provincial-Level Civilized Sites.
We hold the business philosophy of being honesty, and the contract compliance rate reached 100%, good quality products rate more than 90%. We will, as always, fully implement the enterprise principles of “casting the best products of the times by being honesty and law-abiding, striving to be pioneers in environmental protection through civilized construction, pursuing sustainable development by complementing the people-oriented policy”, to serve our customers and to make greater contribution for city development.
Address: Wu Ai Road 78, Wuxi City

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