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Enterprise spirit

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  • Time of issue:2017-12-26 00:00:00
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Enterprise spirit - "unity, dedication, seeking truth, innovation"
Unity means being one, which also stands for cooperation, joint force, compliance, match. It is the harmony and unity between “science and emotion” and “system and human” nature which is also the foundation of the success of all business. In the work, we should be wide-minded, understand and communicate with each other, seek common ground and save differences, and be harmonious. We shall use integration to resolve risks, deal with competition with a wide range of cooperation, meet the challenges with the heart of unity, implement with the rules and regulations, and stay in line with the times, which, with all the efforts, would promote the business development and achieve ambitious targets.
Dedication stands for sacrifice. It emphasizes a spiritual realm, which is the highest level of professionalism. First, it is a "selfless" realm that requires us to treat our work with a serious attitude, to love our work, to fulfill our duties, to forge ahead, and to be diligent and meticulous in our workplaces to realize personal values and create corporate performance. Second, it is also a state of pleasure. it also represents the full dedication to work and get pride, honor and joy from the work.
Seeking truth is being down-to-earth. It means doing the real work, being honest person, taking everything from the reality, being not exaggerated, showy or specious. Still, it stands for always keeping trembling and careful during foreign exchanges. The company’s development and the realization of the targets fully depend on seeking the truth. In the process of the development of the company, we shall follow the elder generation’s spirit of hardship. Over the past fifty years, we are relying on this spirit to do business. Additionally, it is the spirit of seeking real development, being modest, prudent, pragmatic and down-to-earth, that has made us get this brilliant achievement today.
Innovation is wisdom. There is no end for innovation. It is an inexhaustible motive force and source for the development of an enterprise. In order to advance and develop, enterprises must continue to study, forge ahead and be innovative. An enterprise may get the results of innovation with innovative awareness and the ability to innovate. The history of the company is a process of constantly being better ourselves and innovating and seeking development.

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