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Nantong Liujian Construction Group Ltd was established in 1956 and locates in Rugao which is well known as a town of longevity. Skillful craftsmen are all over this piece of pretty and affluent land with long history of constructional technology.
In 1998 the company was awarded with the qualification certificate of overseas project contracting of PRC. In 2005, it was awarded with the qualification certificate of foreign labor service of PRC and in the same year Nantong Liujian Group was promoted to be a superfine main contractor by China Ministry of Construction.
The company with capital of 2.8 billion RMB has the comprehensive capability of contracting independently varies tall, big and difficult projects at home and abroad and achieves annual output over twenty billion RMB. It has been awarded successively with various of honors such as “National Excellent Construction Company”, “Company of Contract Abidance and Promise Keeping”, “national company of customer’s satisfaction”, “National Company of Quality and Efficiency”, “Advanced Company of Technical Improvement and Renovation”, “Gold Award of Comprehensive Quality Management of China Construction Industry”, “Achievement Award of Modernized Management for National Construction Company” etc. Successively it was awarded as “Top Ten Company of Foreign Trade in Jiangsu Province”.
In 1986, the company firstly provided labor services to Middle East and Jordan, which started the history of labor service and foreign project contracting. Successively the company has participated in project contracting and economic and technology cooperation in over ten countries such as Kuwait, Soviet Union, Guam USA, Saipan, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Japan and United Arab Emirates.
In 2005, the company was registered in UAE and succeeded in achieving special class qualification. It got favorable reception from clients by its excellent quality and service in the projects of Abu Dhabi interchange project (,8 lanes, 65 meters per span), Palm island interchange (7 bridges and 2 tunnels, total length: 1300 meters ), Three Towers Dubai(30 floors, 105 thousand M2), Business Bay Commerce Building (56.8 thousand M2), Precast Concrete Assembly Plant (Gulf Precast Concrete Ltd) and so on. The government of Jiangsu province and Nantong city had sent delegacy to the site of our projects for many times, and all the delegacies give us highly praise. In 2009, the 66 thousand square meters project, Two Towers- Dubai was awarded with “Luban Award” which is the highest quality award in China Construction Industry(overseas projects).
In 2013 the company was registered in Cambodia and won the bid of duty free store in Siem Reap Cambodia as EPC which created a miracle by its good quality, rapid speed and high grade. Keat Chhon, the first deputy prime minister and other state leaders, people from various circles of society and relevant people attended project hand-over and store opening ceremony and gave high praise to it. This project built a monument for the company in Cambodia. In the year of 2015, we again won the bids as EPC for duty free stores in Sihanoukville and Phnom Penh ,Bank of China Sihanoukville Branch and Bank of China Siem Reap Branch .
The company was registered in Vietnam in the year of 2015 and constructed the Plant Mechanical and Electrical Installation project in Van Trung Industrial Park, Bac Giang. In May, 2015, the Company joined sino-ASEAN construction industry committee Dubai Two- tower project with floor areas of 66 thousand square meters has won the prestigious national award – Luban Award (overseas project).
The conpany has been consecutively ranked in the "Top 250 International Contractors" and "Top 250 Global Contractors" from the year of 2010 to 2015 by ENR.
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