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The group carried out the "Everyone pledged and signed the pledge of safety" activity in the Zhangbali Garden Project

On the morning of June 16, under the planning and guidance of Rugao Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, Municipal Emergency Management Bureau, Group President Shen Weidong, and Party Secretary Zhang Bin, the Group held a grand ceremony in the Zhangbali Garden Project. "Safety" campaign. The "Hundred Days Action" inspection team led by Diao Airong, a member of the Party Group of Nantong Municipal Housing and Urban-rural Development Bureau and Deputy Director of the Earthquake Bureau, Gu Xinjian and Wang Qing, deputy directors of Rugao Housing and Urban-rural Development Bureau, Zhao Tianhai, Secretary of Discipline Inspection of Fugao Wantai Group, Secretary of the Party Committee Zhang Bin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman of the Labor Union, and Executive President Zhang Xiangyu, as well as relevant personnel from the Municipal Bureau of Housing and Urban-Rural Development attended the event. Yu Juezhi, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee, and Executive President of the Group presided over the event.

Zhang Xiangyu led everyone to take an oath. Although the rain was continuous, the atmosphere at the event was warm and the morale of the people present was high. Afterwards, the participants participated in the signature activity of 10,000 people in the work safety month, keeping safety in mind at all times.

The BIM workstation of the Zhangbali Garden Project Department displayed the BIM technology application and smart construction results of the project department to the participants. This is the group’s first "BIM+Intelligent Manufacturing" dual workstation. It is a deep integration of the three-level management of the group, headquarters, and project department. It strives to continuously improve project quality and safety, civilized and green construction, promote improvement in competition, and seek breakthroughs in improvement .

Group safety director Shi Zuoguo gave everyone an open safety education class on the safety management of the current construction site. From seven aspects including tightening the epidemic prevention and control system, implementing the post responsibility system, strengthening worker training and education, and vigorously promoting standard chemical sites, he required the project department to attach great importance to safety production, strengthen red line awareness and bottom line thinking, and build a strong line of defense , Carry out various safety work strictly and carefully, effectively reduce the occurrence of "three violations" on site, and prevent and reduce safety production accidents caused by human factors.

Zhang Bin, Yu Juezhi, Zhang Xiangyu, Shi Zuoguo, Ji Fuhua, and the staff of the project department presented the "Safety Guidance Manual for Construction Workers of Engineering Projects (Pocket Book)" and "Implementation Rules for the Safety Management of Dangerous Large Projects in Jiangsu Province" printed by the group The atlas, send basic safety knowledge to the project, and give everyone a safety guarantee.

Afterwards, everyone talked freely, centering on the theme of "eliminating hidden dangers of accidents and strengthening safety lines", exchanged ideas on how to organize and carry out daily safety education and safety training activities for workers, pushing this activity to a climax.

Zhang Bin said that the group held a meeting of all members of the Safety Committee this year and two meetings of the Safety Committee planning group to resolutely implement the decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, the provinces, and the Responsibilities work system, strengthen accountability, and steadily promote the "five implementation and six implementation" of the main responsibility of enterprise safety in production. Through continuous, multi-faceted, multi-level safety education and training for epidemic prevention and control, continuous special rectification of large machinery, strengthening of the management and control of five links of dangerous and large projects, in-depth investigation and management of hidden dangers, and vigorous promotion of standardization and other specific measures, Tracing back to the source, continuously improving the safety level, and striving to build a long-term mechanism for the safety management of Nantong Sixth Construction.

Gu Xinjian put forward requirements and expectations for the "Six Construction People". First, he continued to build the "Iron Army" business card and strive to be the industry leader. We must uphold the iron army spirit of "particularly able to endure hardship, particularly capable of fighting, and particularly capable of devotion", establish more ambitious development goals, work hard, take responsibility, and move forward courageously. The second is to resolutely implement job responsibilities, and everyone should be a good security officer. Safety production must rely on the whole, must participate in all employees, and form a work pattern of division of labor, close cooperation, and overall advancement. The leadership of the group is the first person responsible for production safety. Each employee must sort out his responsibilities one by one, and strengthen communication and cooperation in accordance with the system and procedures. The third is to actively carry out education and training. Tighten the safety string at all times, proceed from reality, and carry out education and training activities that are new in form, powerful, and effective, so that everyone can learn knowledge and enhance safety awareness.

Finally, under the leadership of the staff of the BIM workstation, everyone visited and experienced the project VR Smart Pavilion. Through the immersive experience, everyone on the scene will pay attention to safety to ensure that'zero' accidents occur. At the same time, through the intelligent system, the on-site safety and civilized construction management and control standards are strengthened to ensure the stability and improvement of project safety and production.

Safety is the basis and prerequisite of all activities. This activity not only actively responded to the call of "Safety Production Month", but also promoted the establishment of safety development concepts at all levels and departments of the group, and paid attention to safety publicity work all the time and everywhere. , To squeeze and consolidate the responsibility for safe production, conduct in-depth investigations and completely eliminate potential safety hazards, build a firm line of defense, keep the bottom line, and ensure zero safety accidents. By working hard and taking responsibility, the "Six Construction People" will live up to expectations and move forward courageously to be a leader in the construction industry in Rugao!

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