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Vigorously promote craftsmanship and entrepreneurship, input new energy for the transformation and upgrading of construction enterprises

The host's words: endorsement of Chinese quality, this can be said to be the most persistent adherence to the craftsman spirit of the entire construction industry. From the perspective of my own company, China Construction First Bureau, we have done every project diligently for more than 60 years, and won the highest award in the field of quality in my country-the "China Quality Award" for our excellent construction quality. It is believed that this is the best practice of craftsmanship and entrepreneurship by construction companies-seeking long-term development of enterprises with quality, promoting harmonious development of society with quality, and demonstrating the extraordinary strength of China's construction with quality.

Keyword one: integrity building

Moderator: Integrity construction is a major issue in the construction industry. For construction companies, how to decode the spirit of honesty can be quantified into three dimensions, namely, the quantitative evaluation of the three evaluation indicators of character, ability, and execution. Next, I would like to invite Chairman Li to talk about this topic.

Li Liding: The construction of a credit system is an important aspect of cultural construction. In the current development of the construction industry, many problems are restricted by the word "integrity". It can be said that within the industry, stressing integrity has become a consensus, and it is doing better and better. But in society, the outside world's evaluation of us is not always the same. The reason is that the outside world does not understand the internal situation of the industry, but more of it still lies in our own deficiencies. Although under the strong national advocacy and the vigorous rectification of the industry, the construction industry has made great progress in integrity building, but due to the lack of industry integrity for a long time, industry companies have weakened their adherence to integrity, causing some companies to violate contracts Promises, subcontracting projects in violation of regulations, and arbitrary delays in construction schedules, and some owners and local governments in violation of regulations require companies to advance funds, provide a wide range of security deposits, arbitrarily delay final accounts, and default on project payments. For these behaviors that disrupt the normal order of the market and seriously damage social fairness and justice, the whole industry still needs to work together. It should be said that the entire industry bears the responsibility to promote the spirit of craftsmanship and entrepreneurship, and personally believe that integrity is of no magnitude. Everyone in the industry should adhere to the spirit of integrity, adhere to the spirit of craftsmanship, and must The cultural spirit penetrates into the operation and management activities of enterprises and into the practice behaviors of practitioners, thereby fundamentally improving the quality of products and services, and enhancing the quality of the industry and social reputation.

Keyword 2: Cultural identity

Moderator: As the soft power of an enterprise, corporate culture has a major function of gathering strength through cultural identity. In this regard, Yunnan Construction Investment Group should have a deep understanding. In the grand strategy of comprehensively deepening reforms in Yunnan Province, Yunnan Construction Investment Group made a big strike and integrated three companies in one fell swoop. How did the three companies work together, form a joint force, successfully complete the tasks of mergers and reorganizations, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise? Li Jialong, deputy secretary of the party committee and vice chairman of Yunnan Construction Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd., is invited to talk about the culture in this effect.

Li Jialong: The integration and reorganization of Yunnan Construction Investment Group is a major decision made by the Yunnan Provincial Party Committee and Government under the background of the country's comprehensive deepening of state-owned enterprise reform and supply-side structural reform. But how to implement this important decision, the provincial party committee and the provincial government, including the SASAC, are worried. This is because the three companies to be integrated are all key companies with a history of more than 60 years. The original development paths, management concepts, and management models of the three companies are different, and their development history and current development level are also different. Under such circumstances, integration and reorganization will inevitably face adjustments in various aspects, including personnel adjustments and placements. However, in fact, the entire reorganization process was calm and smooth. No petition occurred. To sum up, it should be said that the construction of cultural identity has played an important role in it. From the beginning, we have unified the consensus that “cultural identity is the key to the success of integration”. To this end, we put cultural construction and cultural integration in the first place, and organize a series of themed activities, such as launching the "Striving to Become a Qualified Cloud Builder" activity, to promote the formation of family feelings among employees, and the role of a master; Sing, sing "Unity is strength" and form a consensus: All people are a community of destiny, and we must stand in the same boat and share our hearts... As a result, the strong cultural cohesion appears little by little and is quickly reflected in corporate performance. From January to October 2016, Yunnan Construction Investment Group's total profit increased by more than 50%, and its total net assets increased by more than 60%.

Keyword three: role model power

Host: The role of culture is self-evident, but how to practice it, each company has its own methods and magical powers. Among them, Beijing Construction Engineering's experience in innovating corporate culture is worth learning and promoting. I invite Jiao Yusuo, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Beijing Construction Engineering, to share relevant experience.

Jiao Yusuo: The company must be clear, not to engage in cultural construction for the sake of cultural construction. The first thing to do is to properly position the company and sort out the problems of what you want to do, why and how to do it. In this process, it is necessary to summarize a standard and a concept, and continue to improve and sublimate to guide the company's development. Cultural construction must be closely related to enterprise development, and there is a relationship between force and reaction.

The role model power of model workers is one of the concrete manifestations of this interaction. Beijing Construction Engineering spares no effort to create an atmosphere that respects labor and respects labor models throughout the group, and this atmosphere has greatly promoted the development of the enterprise. On January 13, 1954, on the construction site of the former Soviet Union Exhibition Hall in Beijing, Beijing Construction Engineering Hu Yaolin and other 18 members resolutely raised the first banner of the Youth Commando in the country, thus starting the brilliant journey of Beijing Construction Engineering. Cultivated "workers and subway people", "tota heavenly king", "dry hanging king", "li 镚er can not fall", "national surveying and setting line expert" and "elevator doctor" who have the "house builders thinking There are 867 model workers above the provincial and ministerial level with the enthusiasm for labor and the spirit of exquisite craftsmanship. It is precisely because of the large number of outstanding employees and the driving effect through publicity and promotion that they have ensured that one after another high-quality projects will rise, and "the cradle of model workers" has also become synonymous with Beijing Construction Engineering, making its reputation and reputation The influence continues to rise.

Keyword 4: Inheritance and Innovation

Moderator: According to my understanding, this old-fashioned enterprise of Shaanxi Construction Engineering Group has also been in trouble, but it is now full of new vitality. In this, what role the corporate culture and entrepreneurial spirit have played, please share with Zhang Guijin, Chairman of Shaanxi Construction Engineering First Construction Group Co., Ltd.

Zhang Guijin: As the host said, the current development momentum of Shaanxi Construction Engineering is indeed relatively strong. The group completed an output value of 60 billion yuan in 2015, and in 2016 the contract value was nearly 140 billion yuan. Among them, the influence of culture is really great. In my opinion, its biggest role is to build consensus and develop together. Regarding entrepreneurship, I believe that taking on one's own responsibilities, being in their place and fulfilling their responsibilities is the core point. How can entrepreneurs promote enterprise development through cultural construction? I think the most important thing is to do well in inheritance and innovation.

Inheritance and innovation of cultural construction, I think it is a problem with two sides. The predecessor of Shaanxi Yijian was the army, so it has the tradition of "iron army". At present, we still emphasize the need to stick to the "iron" tradition. However, the "iron" tradition is not static, but must keep pace with the times and continue to carry forward. How to carry forward, we put forward the concept of "Yongchuang". To this end, we have formulated a series of measures in line with the development needs of the company. One of them is to require company-wide speeches on the "Iron Army Tradition" around the people around us, and summarize the outstanding stories that are particularly moving. , Set up a team to give lectures in all project departments. This event has been held for 5 consecutive years, and has basically achieved the original intention of extending the "iron" culture and "Yongchuang" culture to the front line of the project. The power of culture is intangible, but it is tangible in the spirit and behavior of every employee. I think this is one of the great responsibilities of entrepreneurs.

Li Liding: Corporate culture exists objectively. It exists from the beginning of the establishment of a company. It does not mean that there is nothing if you stick to it or not if you stick to it. In the course of the development of an enterprise, something that everyone generally agrees with, respects, and is cited as the norm will gradually form. This is culture, and it exists objectively. When it comes to actively adhering to culture, it means to carry forward the good traditions of the past and to innovate, summarize and sublimate according to the requirements of the new era. In the process of constructing corporate culture, we must pay attention to our own traditions and the development of the times. Only when the two are combined can we create a culture that everyone agrees that it can play a role in the long-term development of the company. (China Construction News)

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